Custom Horizontal Blinds

Wood Blinds

Traditional wood blinds create a warm & inviting atmosphere in any room. Allow in as much – or as little- of the sun’s natural illumination by rotating the slats. Wood blinds can now be ordered with the cordless feature, eliminating the lift cords completely, ensuring child & pet safety with a wand for tilting as well.

Faux wood blinds have also become a popular choice for their durability, and price point.  They offer the same privacy and lifting options as traditional wood blinds.  There are many finish choices that have the look of real wood, as well as a wide range of white finishes.

Metal Blinds

Sleek aluminum slats historically give a clean uncluttered look. Modern “metal” blinds can provide “up to date” contemporary style with new offerings in slat widths that range from ½” to 2”. The larger slats also provide a wider “view through” to the outdoors.


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