Custom Curtains

The world of window treatments is a varied and diverse landscape where the options have only grown as the years have passed. In the origins of window treatments, the word curtain was used to describe everything that you placed on your window to cover them if it wasn’t a heavy drape. It didn’t matter if it was a thin fabric, how long they were, a set of blinds or a heavy piece of cloth, if it covered your window – it was a curtain. Today that term is at times used to describe a light and airy window covering, café style and something that is hung on a rod.

Your Source for the Perfect Window Coverings


Part of our role as experts in the industry is to help you determine what are the best options for your windows. Is there a combination of treatments that may be an ideal fit? Based on the amount of light you would like in a room, would a valance and roman shade be the best option, or perhaps a set of drapes with a hard cornice? Depending on the function and style of your window treatments, we will work with you to discover the perfect fit for you.