Roman Shades

A beautiful trend, roman shades are “shades” constructed from your choice of decorative fabric. Romans are a stunning and functional way to warm up a room or make a statement. Like other shadings, they can provide privacy and energy efficiency. They work well on their own, or as part of a layered treatment.
Romans can be constructed in various styles. Flat shades can be a simple and contemporary look or allow you to show off a large pattern. A relaxed shade with curved folds at the bottom gives you a softer look. “Hobbled” shades have folds at regular intervals when the shade is fully lowered. We can help you select the style that fits décor and fabric choice.
Operating your Roman shades has become easier! Like all shading products on the market, child safety guidelines have become laws. We offer cordless lifting systems, but motorizing your shades allows effortless operation in addition to the safety aspect. We do offer a continuous cord system which is a great way to operate hard to reach shades when motorization is not an option. The cord loop is attached with a tensioner at the bottom of the loop to ensure safety for everyone in your home.
From classy to casual, this design trend is something to consider when selecting fabric treatments for your windows.